Precariat Billboards - a series of temporal site specific works

Using abandoned shopping trolleys in Sydney streets I upcycle them to state facts about Australia’s invisible underclass rarely mentioned in the mainstream media. I then document this urban bricollage in situ both as photographs and as filmed performance pushing it up and down the street until a point of exhaustion is reached where it is finally left as an art intervention on the side of the road (in this case Edgeware Road, Enmore). See work-in-progress film here

"The value of what we discard, conceal and detain outlines the border of our collective culture. Thus the artist’s gesture of displaying a work of art in public space becomes one of defiance and generosity. In doing so, it confounds Duchamp’s exhortation to indifference to the aesthetics or origin of an object – it enforces direct interaction with the situation of appearance and context. Destructions should take place more rapidly.” YELLAM NRE,  2014. (Accessed Nov 2015 from Clusterfuck Aesthetics

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