USYD Curatorial Lab 2018

                                USYD Curatorial Lab 2018 curated by Amber Fu and Danyi Yang 

Pilgrim's Progress at Harbour Sculpture Prize

Pilgrim's Progress by Bernadette Smith and Dr Mark Elliot-Ranken at the Harbour Sculpture Prize. When people believed the Earth was flat sailors thought if they sailed beyond the known sea they could fall off the edge of the world. This collaborative mixed-media work honours the brave seafarers from many cultures, both Pacific and European who ventured across unknown oceans to reach new lands.

Point of Departure at Art Crawl during O Week

An installation by Bernadette Smith and Dr Mark Elliot-Ranken at the University of Sydney

'Shopping for Human Rights' intervention

Sawmiller's Sculpture prize

Bernadette Smith and Dr Mark Elliot-Ranken upcoming Sawmiller's Sculpture prize entry at McMahon's Point in September 2016

Redfern Biennale 2016

My temporal guerrilla art intervention at the Redfern Biennale which included 'readymades, sculpture, multi media, new media, painting, found object, anything and everything placed along Walker Street, Redfern between Cooper and Redfern Streets'.

Vanishing Shore at Crown Street Mall Wollongong part of Nocturnal Arts 2016

Bernadette Smith and Mark Elliot-Ranken transform the exterior of a Wesley sandstone church into 'Vanishing Shore' a Climate Change performance/installation at Wollongong's Nocturnal Arts Festival when the sun goes down on the 25th, 26th and 27th February and the 3rd, 4th and 5th March 2016.

It was created for Wollongong Council's 2016 Nocturnal Arts Festival outside Wesley Church in Crown Street Mall and brings together scientific, political and religious thoughts about climate change and water security. 

Passersby were given an apocalyptic vision of a precarious world with unsafe drinking water, compromised food supply and ocean inundation based on actual data modelling. Performed by Bernadette Smith and Mark Elliot-Ranken. Created by artist Bernadette Smith. 'Vanishing Shore' at Nocturnal Arts Festival trailer link here.

Pool Rules art installation at Articulate Project Space

My art installation investigates the issue of ableism or discrimination against less able bodied swimmers in public pools. In a throwback to the Nazi era elite swimmers are often unfairly privileged while those with injuries, disabilities or older swimmers struggle for equal access. This artwork highlights such social inequality and presents a protest banner, photographic documentation and redacted email correspondence between a less able bodied swimmer and pool management. The installation also includes portraits of people randomly selected from the street who were asked to pose in front of this banner to be part of the exhibition if they agreed with its message.